Store of clothing with a concept. 

Concept of the Rebus is to unraveling new and capsule brands that are not presented in Russia, as well as to develop a new Rebus - your unique style. 

Brands presented in the boutique, firmly establishing their own place in fashion industry markets of Europe and Asia similtaneously in the hearts of connoisseurs of quality and sophisticaly  designed clothing. Want to examine carefully the collection and hand selected by our team of buyers. Therefore, to bring to your attention Rebus produced only the most stylish and interesting models. 

Communicating with customers in a cozy boutique on the street. Udaltsov as well as on social portals, we listen to the taste and preferences of each client, thus providing clothes match for your high social status and personal taste. 

Models that you buy will look great on you, this brand of clothing you'll recite with pride, but the address of the boutique Rebus cutting you only the best and most faithful girlfriends!